Over the past few years, smartphones have evolved into something entirely new. Gone are the days of a mobile phone being just a means of simple communication – a smartphone is now, the most important business tool. Mobile apps have completely changed the way business is conducted and carried out. It is now incredibly easy for customers to interact with a business or brand and it is crucial for businesses to take advantage of this.

According to ComScore, a huge media measurement and analytics company, they found that the average user spends approximately 3 hours a day using their smartphone as of 2017. This behaviour has drastically increased since then which means that the importance of a mobile app is more important than ever. Think about it, a mobile app allows you to basically install a direct link to your business right on a customers personal smartphone which they make use of anywhere, everywhere and all the time. As a business owner, no matter the scope or size of the business, you cannot afford to miss out on this channel.

We’ve put together a short list of benefits to highlight the importance of a mobile app in today’s day and age.


One of the most important benefits of a mobile app is that it radically increases business accessibility. Customers will now be able to access your products and services quickly and easily, by simply tapping an icon. This is an area that separates a website from a mobile app. It all comes down to convenience and that is what a mobile app brings. Another huge benefit that stems from this point is the extreme effectiveness of Push Notifications.

Push Notifications allow you to push promotional messages directly through to users who have your app installed on their device and they would then receive a pop-up notification on the smartphone. This way, you’re able to directly target users who are already interested in your business and are more likely to click on that notification and get a sale. You’re basically creating a direct marketing channel between your business and your customers.

You’ll also be able to increase the amount of engagement from users and this will then lead to more communication. By effectively communicating with your users, you’ll not only get your loyal customers to continue purchasing, but you’ll also gain many more customers.


A well-designed and well-branded mobile app can result in a huge increase in brand awareness and recognition. By having a user download your mobile app, they’ve basically invested in your brand and will see your brand whenever they browse and scroll through their devices.

You’re basically adding another branch to your business by having a mobile app. You’re also targetting a user base who might not have necessarily been interested in your business, but by entering their realm, you’re largely increasing the scope of your audience and.


A mobile app immediately instills a sense of professionalism in a user. A user has a completely different mindset when seeing that a business has a mobile app available and this is a very important factor. It will also help your business stand out above all competitors.


Mobile apps are much faster and more responsive than websites. Also, a mobile app is stored locally and because of this, it makes way for customisation. Customers love a tailored experience – By allowing your users to choose the way that they use your app, you’re essentially allowing them to make the process of them interacting with your products more comfortable and once a customer feels comfortable and has an enjoyable experience, the possibilities are endless.


Once a mobile app is developed, the costs to run your business can be much lower than a store. By this, I mean that a lot of tasks and functionality can be designed to be automated and the app can handle what would usually require staff members to handle. Mobile apps can also be integrated into a lot of third-party point of sale solutions which will then allow your app to communicate with your business, branches, and stock as well.


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