Standing out in today’s crazy online world is an incredibly challenging task. Having a website is just the beginning. Without receiving enough targeted traffic, no matter how well-designed your website is, it will basically be useless. Search Engine Optimisation is the leading and most effective manner to maximise your business’s online potential by increasing traffic directed to your website.


It is our priority to make sure that you are ranked higher than your competitors online. We provide tailored solutions to each business individually to maximise exposure and attract a larger audience online. Our specialists will take care of all the required steps to ensure stable organic growth for your business. Each of our teams features SEO specialists that are skilled in producing creative content strategies and effective approaches that will guarantee online business growth.


Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines find and rank web pages based on certain factors. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to techniques used to make it easier for these search engines to find and rank websites. Search engines have inbuilt complex algorithms that look for specific features on a web page before ranking it. Major search engines like Google rank websites mainly based on the quality of the content and the keywords.

Let’s look at the importance of SEO before we tell you about some of the SEO methods you could use to help your website rank on Google’s first page.


SEO plays a key role in online marketing, especially in today’s competitive online environment. People use popular search engines to find answers to different questions. If your online store, website or blog is properly optimised for search engines, you could benefit from free targeted traffic.

Surveys show that 65% of people browsing the internet are likely to click on top five suggestions from search engine results. Proper SEO helps you to attract more visitors to your website because it makes it appear among the top five results.

The importance of SEO is also seen in the ability to improve user experience and navigability of your website. Targeted keywords placed in strategic places on your site helps visitors to find what they are looking for easily. SEO is also important because it ranks your site at the top position, which increases the trust on that specific keyword.

SEO makes it easier for people to share your site on social media. People who bump into your site through popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google are likely to share it on social media.

Big websites such as e-commerce sites even benefit more from SEO because it makes running the website smooth. Another key importance of SEO is that it can put you ahead of your competitors. A site that is optimised makes your website rank higher in search engines giving you an advantage over your competitors. Now that you know the importance of SEO, let’s look at some of the key methods of optimising your site.


Technical SEO: This type of SEO makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website without difficulties. This is the first step in SEO and it doesn’t entail the addition of actual content on a website. Technical SEO deals with aspects such as optimising URLs.

On-Site SEO: This refers to the act of optimising the content on your site. On-site SEO involves aspects like inserting keywords in the content strategically. This type of SEO also includes attaining the right keyword density and so forth.

Off-site SEO: This type of SEO includes methods of promoting your site or blog on social media and other sites for it to rank higher.

SEO is still king when it comes to ranking websites on popular search engines. Proper SEO techniques make it easy for search engines and people to find your site or blog. This increases your chances of converting visitors into buyers or subscribers.


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